10 Barbie Makeup Ideas You’ll Love In 2024 (#6 Is Amazing)

Just saw the Barbie movie and now you’re riding the Barbie wave? Awesome, you’ve hit the jackpot with this read.

I’ve got everything you need to create the perfect Barbie look: the best look ideas, product recommendations, and tips on how to do your makeup flawlessly.

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Barbie Makeup Ideas

TLDR, here are the most important aspects when it comes to Barbie makeup:

  1. Flawless Base: Achieve a flawless complexion with foundation and concealer to create a smooth canvas for your Barbie-inspired look.
  2. Doll-like Eyes: Emphasize your eyes with long, fluttery lashes, bright and shimmery eyeshadows in pastel shades, and defined eyeliner for a wide-eyed Barbie effect.
  3. Rosy Cheeks: Add a touch of pink blush to the apples of your cheeks to create a youthful and rosy glow, reminiscent of Barbie’s iconic flushed cheeks.
  4. Pink Lips: Complete your Barbie look with glossy, pink lips for a fun and feminine finish, choosing shades that range from soft baby pink to bold fuchsia.
  5. Glamorous Accessories: Enhance your Barbie makeup with glamorous accessories like glittery hair clips, oversized sunglasses, and statement jewelry to capture Barbie’s glamorous aesthetic.
  6. Attention to Detail: Pay attention to detail by focusing on precision and neatness in the application, ensuring every aspect of your Barbie makeup is polished and picture-perfect.
  7. Confidence: Above all, exude confidence and embrace your inner Barbie as you rock your flawless makeup look with style and charm.

Classic Barbie Makeup Looks

 barbie makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Signature Pink Lips

One of Barbie’s iconic makeup features is her signature pink lips, perfect for any Barbie-inspired look. To recreate it, begin with a matching pink lip liner for definition.

Fill in with a matte or satin pink lipstick. For a modern twist, add a touch of ombre by applying a lighter pink shade to the center and blending outward.

If you’re interested in Barbie makeup, feel free to check out our article on vanilla girl makeup. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

High-Shine Gloss

Another take on the classic Barbie lip look is the high-shine gloss, adding dimension and glam. Apply your favorite pink lipstick, then layer with a clear or shimmery pink lip gloss.

Dramatic Lashes

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To achieve Barbie’s dramatic, doll-like lashes, start by curling your lashes and applying a few coats of volumizing mascara. This helps to create the appearance of fuller lashes.

For an even more dramatic effect, you might like to use false eyelashes. There are many styles of false lashes to choose from, but you may find that wispy or dramatic volume lashes are best for capturing that iconic Barbie look.

Finally, apply white or nude eyeliner to your waterline, which adds an extra touch of brightness and makes your eyes appear larger and more doll-like.

Creative Barbie Makeup Tutorials

 creative barbie makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Barbie Halloween Makeup

For a playful twist on a classic character, I found 16 creative Barbie makeup ideas for Halloween that are sure to impress.

My favorite is the “goth Barbie” look, which features black lipstick, graphic eyeliner, and ultra-pink blush.

This unique take on Barbie makeup adds a dark edge while still maintaining the iconic Barbie charm.

  • Bold eyeshadow colors (pinks, blues, purples)
  • Graphic eyeliner
  • Black lipstick
  • Bright pink blush

Barbie Makeup for Kids

 kids barbie makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

When it comes to Barbie makeup for kids, I think it’s important to keep it simple, fun, and age-appropriate.

  1. Apply light-colored eyeshadow to the lid
  2. Add a touch of sparkle with glittery eyeshadow at the inner corner
  3. Use a soft pink blush on the cheeks
  4. Finish off with a sheer pink lip gloss

10 Barbie Makeup Ideas

Here, I’ve put together a list of 10 Barbie makeup ideas to help you channel your inner doll.

Remember, the key to achieving the perfect Barbie makeup is to focus on bold colors and a flawless finish.

Classic Barbie: Try a pink pout with voluminous lashes. Pair it with rosy cheeks and blue eyeshadow for a timeless look. Don’t forget to use a shimmery highlight to enhance your doll-like appearance.

 Classic Barbie makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Goth Barbie: Combine black lipstick with graphic eyeliner and ultra-pink blush, as suggested by Bustle. This striking look is perfect for a Halloween party or simply embracing your dark side.

 Goth Barbie makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Tropical Barbie: Think vibrant colors like neon pink, bold blues, and dazzling greens. Apply these shades to your eyes, lips, and cheeks for a fun, summertime vibe.

 Tropical Barbie makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Glittery Barbie: Nothing screams glamour like glitter. Add sparkle to your eye makeup, cheeks, or lips for a dazzling touch to your Barbie look.

 Glittery Barbie makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Elegant Barbie: Choose a classic red lip and cat-eye liner to channel the sophisticated side of Barbie. Pair this with defined brows and a soft contour for an elegant finish.

 Elegant Barbie makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Rockstar Barbie: Embrace your edge with metallic eyeshadow, bold winged liner, and dark, matte lips. You can also experiment with unique eye makeup designs and pops of color.

 Rockstar Barbie makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Fairy Barbie: Soft pastel shades create an ethereal look. Sweep lavender or baby blue eyeshadow across your lids, and dust your cheeks and lips with a light pink blush and lipstick for a magical Barbie appearance.

 Fairy Barbie makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Retro Barbie: Travel back in time with this 80s-inspired makeup idea. Use vivid neons and electric blues on your eyes, pair them with bright pink lips, and don’t forget the bold blush!

 Retro Barbie makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Modern Barbie: This look revolves around strong brows, bronzed skin, and glossy lips. Achieve this by sculpting your face with contour and highlight, and complementing it with smoky eye makeup and a neutral lip.

 Modern Barbie makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest


Barbie Makeup Ideas
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What makeup does Barbie wear?

Barbie typically wears bright and shimmery eyeshadows in pastel shades, long and fluttery false lashes, rosy pink blush, and glossy pink lips for a youthful and glamorous look.

How do you wear Barbie style?

To achieve Barbie style, focus on flawless skin, doll-like eyes with long lashes and pastel eyeshadows, rosy cheeks, glossy pink lips, and glamorous accessories like oversized sunglasses and statement jewelry for a fun and feminine finish.

How does Barbie wear her hair?

Barbie often wears her hair styled in long, sleek locks with soft curls or waves. She may also sport high ponytails, glamorous updos, or cute braids, often accessorized with bows, headbands, or tiaras for an extra touch of charm.

What kind of lipstick does Barbie wear?

Barbie typically wears glossy pink lipstick in various shades ranging from soft baby pink to bold fuchsia, complementing her fun and feminine aesthetic.

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