10 Mexican Makeup Looks You Will Love 2024 (#6 Is Stunning)

Are you soon heading to Mexico or simply interested in Mexican makeup styles? Then I’m sure you’ll love this article.

I’ve summarized everything you need to know about Mexican makeup styles: how to create the look, the products you’ll need, and what to watch out for.

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Mexican Makeup Looks

TLDR here are the most important aspects of Mexican makeup aesthetic:

  1. Vibrant Colors: Mexican makeup often features bold and vibrant colors, reflecting the country’s rich culture and heritage.
  2. Flawless Skin: A flawless complexion is essential, achieved through foundation, concealer, and setting powder to create a smooth canvas.
  3. Dramatic Eyes: Eye makeup tends to be dramatic, with emphasis on dark eyeliner, bold eyeshadows, and voluminous lashes.
  4. Defined Brows: Well-groomed and defined eyebrows frame the face and are an integral part of Mexican makeup looks.
  5. Bold Lips: Mexican makeup often includes bold lip colors such as red, coral, or deep plum, adding a striking finishing touch to the look.
  6. Cultural Influences: Mexican makeup may draw inspiration from traditional Mexican art, folklore, and celebrations, incorporating elements like floral motifs or colorful patterns.
  7. Natural Glow: Achieving a natural glow is key, with luminous skin and subtle highlighting to enhance features without appearing overly done.

If you’re looking for more detailed information, just keep on reading this article.

Traditional Mexican Makeup

 Traditional Mexican Makeup
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Dia de Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos, also known as the Day of the Dead, is a colorful celebration to honor the deceased. The makeup for this occasion is truly mesmerizing, featuring intricate designs, bold colors, and symbolic elements.

The most iconic look is the Calavera, a sugar skull-inspired makeup design.

The Calavera makeup starts with a white base for the face, often accented with black outlining and shading to create a skeleton-like appearance. The eyes are decorated with vibrant colors and intricate patterns, often including flower motifs.

Other common elements include rhinestones, glitter, and elaborate headdresses adorned with flowers or feathers.

Folklorico Dance Makeup

 Folklorico Dance Makeup
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The makeup for Folklorico dance is all about enhancing the dancers’ facial expressions, so audiences can appreciate the stories being told through their movements and rhythm.

Here are some key aspects of Folklorico Dance Makeup:

  • Bold eyeshadow: Bright colors like green, red, or blue are commonly used to create a dramatic effect. The eyeshadow is typically applied in a cut-crease style, where a sharp line separates the lid color from the crease color.
  • Defined eyebrows: Strong, well-defined brows frame the face and add intensity to the dancers’ expressions.
  • Cat-eye liner: An elongated winged eyeliner emphasizes the eyes and adds a touch of elegance to the overall look.
  • Flushed cheeks: A vibrant, warm-toned blush gives the appearance of a natural healthy glow.
  • Bold lips: Deep red or bright pink lip colors are often chosen, as they complement Mexican clothing and accessories traditionally worn during the dance.
 Modern Mexican Makeup Trends
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Some popular products in modern Mexican makeup trends include:

  • Eye shadow palettes with warm, earthy tones
  • Shaina B. Miami blush and highlight collection
  • Kat Von D’s full line of makeup products
  • Bold lipsticks in shades of red, orange, and deep plum

Makeup Techniques

When it comes to techniques, Mexican makeup looks focus on features like the eyes, brows, and lips.

Here are some popular tricks:

  1. Bold brows: When it comes to your brows, think thick, defined, and sculpted. You can use a brow pencil to fill in any sparse areas and an angled brush to blend the product for a natural finish.
  2. Vibrant eye shadows: To make your eyes pop, try applying warm colors like burnt orange, deep reds, and rich browns.
  3. Bold lip color: A statement lip is a must-have! Opt for matte lipsticks in shades of red or orange to complete your look.

10 Mexican Makeup Ideas

Mexican Flag Eyeshadow – Show off your pride by incorporating the colors of the Mexican flag into your eyeshadow look.

 Mexican Flag Eyeshadow
by Pinterest

Frida Kahlo Inspired – Pay homage to the iconic Mexican artist by embracing her signature bold eyebrows and colorful palette.

 Frida Kahlo Inspired Makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Telenovela Glam – Recreate the dramatic flair of telenovela makeup looks for a stunning night out.

 Telenovela Glam Makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Aztec Warrior – A creative and artistic approach featuring intricate tribal designs and bold colors.

 Aztec Warrior Makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Día de los Muertos – Go for the traditional skull makeup often seen during the Day of the Dead celebrations.

 Día de los Muertos Makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Bold Brows and Lips – Channel your inner Latina by rocking strong, well-defined eyebrows and vibrant lip shades from Latinx-owned brands like Treslúce Beauty.

 Bold Brows and Lips Mexican Makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Sunset Eyes – Capture the essence of a breathtaking Mexican sunset with warm tones and shimmering gold in your eyeshadow.

 Sunset Eyes Mexican Makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Colorful Winged Eyeliner – Add a twist to the classic winged eyeliner by using vivid shades like blues, greens, or reds.

 Colorful Winged Eyeliner Mexican Makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Bronze Goddess – Glow like never before with bronzed skin, highlighting your best features and complimenting your natural complexion.

 Bronze Goddess Mexican Makeup aesthetic
by Pinterest

Papel Picado Inspired – Get artsy by incorporating the intricate pattern design of papel picado into your makeup.

 Papel Picado Inspired  Makeup aesthetic
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Essential Makeup Products

Waterproof Pen Liquid Eye Liner

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✅ Gives a sharp look

✅ Very long-lasting

❌ May be a little bit more expensive than other products

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First, a bold eyeshadow palette is a must-have. Mexican makeup often features impactful eyeshadow designs inspired by the Mexican flag or the beautiful sunsets. Look for palettes with a range of shades, including bright greens, deep reds, and golden yellows.

Next, bold eyeliner is crucial for achieving that dramatic Mexican makeup look. Whether you’re creating a classic winged effect or adding intricate designs, a high-quality, smudge-proof liner is a necessity. Treslúce Beauty offers a range of eyeliners that can help you achieve the perfect eye look.

For the base, full-coverage foundation and concealer are vital. Mexican events and celebrations often go on for hours, so it’s crucial to have a long-lasting base that stays put. Look for products that provide full coverage and match your skin tone perfectly.

To add a burst of color to your cheeks, you’ll need a vibrant blush. Brands like Shaina B. Miami offer gorgeous blush shades inspired by Latina beauty. Finish off your look with a fun, bold lip color – red is a classic pick, but feel free to experiment with other vibrant shades.

Maintaining Healthy Skin underneath Makeup

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First, it’s vital to cleanse your skin daily to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil. Invest in a gentle, yet efficient makeup remover.

Follow up with a water-based cleanser that won’t strip your skin of its natural moisture. Cleansed skin ensures a better canvas for makeup application.

Don’t forget to exfoliate! Regularly exfoliating helps shed dead skin cells, revealing a smoother and brighter complexion.

Aim to exfoliate 1-2 times a week with a gentle scrub, or try chemical exfoliants like alpha or beta hydroxy acids for deeper cleaning.

Here’s a quick list of essential steps in a skincare routine:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Exfoliating
  3. Toning
  4. Treating (serums or active ingredients)
  5. Moisturizing
  6. Sun protection

Moisturize daily with a hydrating product, even if you have oily skin. The right moisturizer not only nourishes your skin but also acts as a barrier that prevents makeup from settling into fine lines and pores.

Problems with oily skin? Check out our article about niacinamide for oily skin!

Pro Tip: Use a primer to help makeup glide smoothly on your moisturized skin.

Finally, never underestimate the power of sun protection. UV rays can cause premature aging and dark spots, which can alter the beauty of your Mexican makeup looks.

Find a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher, and incorporate it into your daily skincare routine.


10 Mexican Makeup Looks You Will Love
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What is the Latina makeup look?

The Latina makeup look typically features bold and vibrant colors, with emphasis on dramatic eyes, sculpted brows, bronzed skin, and often a bold lip. It’s all about celebrating rich cultural heritage through expressive and confident makeup choices.

What is sugar skull makeup?

Sugar skull makeup, also known as “calavera” makeup, is a traditional Mexican cultural aesthetic associated with the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) celebration. It involves intricate face painting designs, often featuring colorful patterns, flowers, and decorative elements resembling a stylized skull.

Is Chola makeup Mexican?

Chola makeup has roots in Chicano culture, particularly among Mexican-American communities in the United States, particularly in Southern California. While it has been influenced by Mexican culture, it’s more accurate to describe it as a distinct style within Chicano culture rather than solely Mexican.

What colors look good on Latina skin?

Latina skin tones vary widely, but generally, warm and vibrant colors complement the rich undertones commonly found in Latina skin. Earthy tones like terracotta, bronze, and gold enhance warmth, while jewel tones like emerald green, royal blue, and deep purple can also be flattering. Additionally, coral, peach, and warm pink hues work well for a natural, fresh look.

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