Kawaii Makeup Tutorial + 12 Ideas You Will Love In 2024

Are you familiar with kawaii makeup? Until not long ago, I too was unaware of what truly embodies this trend. If you find yourself in a similar position, then this article is for you.

I’ve crafted a flawless tutorial to master the look, offering essential tips and product recommendations. Additionally, I provide 12 ideas to elevate your kawaii makeup!

Kawaii Makeup

Originating from Japan, this unique aesthetic combines playful, cute, and whimsical elements to create an irresistibly charming look.

I’ve summarized the key aspects of kawaii makeup for you:

  • Pastel Elegance: Delight in pastel eyeshadows that add a touch of elegance to your look.
  • Adorable Accents: Elevate your style with adorable accessories that complement your unique flair.
  • Sweet Lips: Gloss up with sweet lip glosses for a charming and polished finish.
  • Personalized Expression: Create looks ranging from subtly sweet to boldly daring, expressing your individuality.
  • Imaginative Flourish: Dive into imaginative products, like playful jelly lipsticks, for a creative makeup adventure.
  • Kawaii Vibes: Embrace your inner kawaii girl with a range of cute and adorable makeup items, adding a touch of charm to your routine!

Origins of Kawaii Makeup

 young asian woman with kawaii makeup
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Historical Context

The origins of kawaii makeup can be traced back to ancient Japan, with the Heian Period (794-1185) introducing early kawaii concepts.

Kawaii elements continued to emerge and gain traction throughout the Kamakura (1185-1333) and Muromachi (1336-1573) periods, as they became widespread in literature. The concept of cuteness expanded even further during the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1573-1603).

One early form of kawaii art was Ukiyo-e, which depicted people, animals, and places cutely and funnily. This art form played a crucial role in shaping manga, a significant aspect of kawaii culture.

Influence of Japanese Pop Culture

Japanese pop culture played a significant role in shaping the modern Kawaii makeup style. Kawaii makeup often features a flawless base, which is achieved by prepping the skin, using a primer, and creating a well-prepared face canvas.

You can read our article on kpop makeup to go with this topic

A notable subculture of kawaii makeup is Yami Kawaii, which incorporates dark themes and explores topics such as mental health. Yami Kawaii makeup includes statement eyeliner, and quirky accessories like Band-Aids and stickers, and often conveys a sense of self-expression in the face of adversity.

Fundamentals of Kawaii Makeup

 young woman with kawaii makeup look
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One of the key elements that sets Kawaii makeup apart is its focus on a flawless base, which lays the foundation for a perfect canvas.

In kawaii makeup, the eyes are often accentuated with soft eyeshadows and dramatic eyelashes, sometimes enhanced by circle contact lenses for a larger-than-life appearance.

A hint of blush adds a youthful glow to the cheeks, while lips are usually kept light and fresh.

Color Palettes and Textures

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As for the color palettes, kawaii makeup typically sticks to soft pastels such as pink, peach, and lavender. These colors bring out the inner cuteness, making you feel like a walking anime character.

When it comes to texture, dewy foundations, and light, shimmery eyeshadows are the go-to choices. Glitter and sparkles can also be incorporated for an extra magical touch. The ultimate goal is to achieve a youthful, fresh-faced look that radiates innocence and charm.

Kawaii Makeup Techniques

Face and Skin Prep

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Starting with a clean face, I recommend prepping your skin with a primer to achieve a smoother, glowing look. A crucial aspect of kawaii makeup is flawless, baby-smooth skin. Some popular options for primers include:

  • Hydrating primers
  • Pore-filling primers
  • Mattifying primers

Make sure to choose a primer based on your skin type and concerns to achieve the best results.

Eye Makeup Styles

Waterproof Pen Liquid Eye Liner

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Kawaii eye makeup often features big, innocent-looking eyes with subtle colors and shimmer.

  1. Eyeshadow: Choose pastel or neutral shades to create a soft, blendable base.
  2. Eyeliner: Opt for a thin, precise line that elongates the eyes, and add a small wing at the outer corner.
  3. False eyelashes: Apply natural-looking falsies for gorgeous big eyes. Don’t forget to trim them according to your eye shape.

Cheek and Lip Color Applications

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Apply blush under the eyes and along the front of the cheeks, close to the sides of your nose. This gives that perfect blushed cheeks and rosy glow often seen in Kawaii makeup looks.

Regarding lip color, opting for a sweet, youthful shade can make your lips look plump and cute. Some popular kawaii lip colors are:

  • Baby pink
  • Soft coral
  • Peachy pink

12 Kawaii Makeup Ideas

 young woman with anime like kawaii makeup
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Are you looking to enhance your makeup for a lovely touch? Check out these 12 adorable makeup ideas that can add a beautiful charm to your overall look.

  1. Pastel Paradise: Start with a soft, pastel eyeshadow palette. Think cotton candy pinks, baby blues, and minty greens. Blend them gently for a dreamy look.
  2. Twinkling Stars: Add tiny star stickers near the outer corners of your eyes for a magical touch that’s sure to turn heads.
  3. Puppy Dog Liner: Instead of the fierce cat eye, try a downward flick of eyeliner to create an innocent, puppy dog eye effect.
  4. Cherry Cheeks: Dab a bit of bright pink blush high on your cheeks for that sweet, just-bitten-by-the-cold look.
  5. Glitter Goals: A little bit of glitter on your eyelids or cheekbones can make you sparkle like a fairy.
  6. Heartfelt Liner: Use a fine-tip liquid liner to draw tiny hearts on your cheekbones or at the outer corner of your eyes.
  7. Freckle Fun: Dot some faux freckles across your nose and cheeks with light brown eyeliner. It adds instant charm!
  8. Lollipop Lips: Opt for a glossy, gradient lip using a bright pink or coral, fading into a soft, pale center.
  9. Fluttery Lashes: Apply mascara and then add a few individual false lashes to the outer corners for a fluttery, wide-eyed look.
  10. Brow Bows: Draw tiny bows with a fine-tip pencil above the arch of your eyebrows for a whimsical twist.
  11. Rainbow Ride: Sweep a rainbow of eyeshadow shades across your lids for a bold and playful statement.
  12. Candy Liner: Swap out your black liner for a candy-colored hue like lavender or mint green.

Must-Have Products for Kawaii Makeup

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To begin, a brighter foundation or tinted moisturizer is your base. Apply it starting from the center of your face and blending it outwards for a natural, soft finish.

Don’t forget the concealer as well to brighten up your complexion.

For charming and blushing cheeks, consider the Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush. This blush features a cute applicator and adds a subtle hint of color to your cheeks.

Now, let’s talk about eye makeup. Achieving those big kawaii eyes requires a delicate balance. You’ll need:

  • A light-colored eyeshadow palette
  • Eyeliner for perfecting your wings
  • Falsies or mascara for voluminous lashes

Moving on to the lips, choose a glossy lip product for that innocent, pouty appearance. Blippo offers a variety of kawaii lip glosses and balms to make your lips irresistible.

Finally, don’t forget to accessorize your Kawaii makeup collection with some high-quality brushes. They’re an investment that will transform the way you apply makeup.

Everyday Kawaii Makeup Tips

 glitter kawaii makeup
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Maintaining a Natural Look

For an everyday kawaii look, start with a clean face and apply a primer to achieve a smoother, glowing complexion. This will serve as your blank canvas for the rest of your makeup.

To ensure your kawaii makeup stays natural, here are some key points:

  • Choose pastel colors: Vibrant hues and pastel options, such as pink, purple, or blue, are perfect for a subtle kawaii touch.
  • Emphasize your eyes: Apply a light eyeliner to define your eyes, making them appear bigger and more doll-like.
  • Enhance your cheeks: Apply a soft pink blush on the apples of your cheeks for a natural, youthful radiance.

Translating Kawaii into Daily Wear

Peripera Lip Tint

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As you experiment with kawaii makeup, remember that it’s all about balance. Here are some tips to incorporate kawaii elements into your daily routine:

  • Eyeshadow: Opt for light, pastel shades, exploring different colors daily.
  • Eyeliner: Play with subtle winged eyeliner or small glitter accents under your eyes for a cute twist.
  • Lips: Choose a sheer lip gloss or a soft, tinted lip balm to enhance your natural lip color.

Kawaii Makeup for Special Occasions

 kawaii makeup for special occasions
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Themed Looks

When attending a themed event, a kawaii makeup look can be adjusted to fit the occasion. For example, if it’s a pastel-themed party, you can use soft pastel colors like pink and lavender to accentuate your eyes, cheeks, and lips.

For an adorable touch, try adding a heart-shaped blush on your cheeks.

If you’re heading to a retro-inspired gathering, try a more muted color palette with bold eyeliner and winged tips, as seen in many Kawaii makeup looks. Use your creativity and imagination to adapt the Kawaii style for any themed event!

Accessorizing with Makeup

One way to elevate your Kawaii makeup look for special occasions is by incorporating makeup accessories, such as colored wigs, fancy eyelashes, or even face jewels.

False eyelashes are also essential, as they can help create the captivating, big eyes often associated with kawaii makeup. Don’t be afraid to choose eyelashes with glitter, rhinestones, or other embellishments if they work well with your look.

Kawaii Makeup Tutorials and Resources

Kawaii Makeup
IG: mistykittyyy

If you’re also looking to dive into the adorable world of kawaii makeup, I have some fantastic resources that can help you get started. Let’s explore some online tutorials and books or magazines.

Online Tutorials

I found several tutorials that taught me how to create the perfect Kawaii makeup look and some that provided step-by-step guidance.

YouTube is also a treasure trove of information, with channels like My Kawaii Style providing weekly updates on the latest techniques.

Don’t forget to also check out this everyday Kawaii makeup tutorial!

Here are some videos I found particularly helpful:

Books and Magazines

I found fascinating reads such as The Kawaii Makeup Guide by Sasaki Asahi and Tokyo Makeup Style by Kumiko Iijima. You can also find inspiration in Japanese fashion magazines like Popteen and Kera, which often feature spreads on the latest Kawaii makeup trends.

If you liked this blog article about the topic: “Kawaii Makeup Tutorial + 12 Ideas You Will Love”, don’t forget to leave us a comment down below to tell us about your experience.

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