Eye Korean Makeup Look: How To Achieve Korean Beauty 2024

I’ve nearly forgotten the count of all the articles I’ve written about Korean skincare and makeup. However, I felt the urge to write yet another one, this time specifically concentrating on Korean eye makeup.

When it comes to Korean makeup, the eyes play a major role, so I decided to do some more research and summarize the most important information for you. So, do you want to perfect your Korean makeup? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Eye Korean Makeup Look

To break it down real quick these are the most important aspects when it comes to Korean eye makeup:

But how exactly do I achieve the perfect eye makeup? What tips and tricks are there, and which products are best suited? I’ll explain all of this in detail in this article.

Understanding Korean Makeup

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In the world of Korean makeup, the focus is on enhancing natural beauty. Less is more, making this look perfect for those who prefer a subtle and effortless appearance.

There are a few key elements to mastering the eye korean makeup look. First and foremost, let’s talk about the eyes. The main goal is to achieve the puppy eyes eyeliner style, which gives an innocent and youthful effect.

To accomplish this, use brown pencil eyeliner to draw a thin line along the upper lash line, starting from the inner corner and gradually thickening towards the outer corner. Use a smudging brush for a diffused look if you wish.

Another defining feature of the eye korean makeup look is the emphasis on light eyeshadow shades that complement your skin tone. Stick to neutral palettes like beige, taupe, and soft pink to keep things natural.

A popular trend in this look is aegyo sal makeup, which accentuates the little muscle under the eye, providing a cute and youthful appearance when smiling or laughing. To achieve this, apply a light layer of concealer just above your eye bags.

Let me share a few quick tips for nailing a flawless eye korean makeup look:

  • Always prep your skin with cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.
  • Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly.
  • Aim for a natural look—don’t go too heavy on eyeshadow and eyeliner.

With a little practice and patience, I know you can master this eye-catching, effortless makeup look. Just remember to stay true to your natural beauty and embrace the Korean philosophy of “less is more.”

Key Features of Eye Korean Makeup Look

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One of the most important aspects of the eye Korean makeup look is the emphasis on simplicity and minimalism. Soft, neutral eyeshadow colors are used to create a natural look, with clean eyeliner application to subtly define the eyes.

A hint of shimmer is often added to create the Aegyo-sal effect, which is the cute puffy under-eye look that’s popular in Korea.

Here is a list of essential elements that you’ll commonly find in an eye Korean makeup look:

  • Neutral and minimal eyeshadow colors
  • Clean eyeliner application
  • Subtle shimmers for Aegyo-sal effect
  • Lightweight mascara for a flawless finish
  • Straight, soft brows with hair strokes

Pro Tip: When creating this makeup look, use a small, angled brush for precise eyeliner application. This will help you achieve a clean and sharp line.

Another vital feature of the eye Korean makeup look is the focus on long and separated eyelashes. Korean eye makeup often involves curling the lashes and using mascara to create a more dramatic look. Some individuals even opt for false lashes to add depth and dimension.

Steps to Achieve Eye Korean Makeup Look

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First, prep your eyelids with a primer or concealer to create a smooth canvas. Gently blend it for an even base. A great choice would be the NYX Eyeshadow Base.

Next, apply a light, shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid as a base, followed by a medium shade in your crease, using a fluffy brush. Don’t forget to blend well to avoid harsh lines. For a natural look, I recommend using a neutral eyeshadow palette.

Now, it’s time for eyeliner. Using a brown pencil liner, draw a thin line along your upper lash line, starting from the inner corner and gradually thickening the line as you approach the outer corner.

Pro Tip: Use a smudging brush to soften the edges of your eyeliner, creating a more diffused look.

To accentuate the “puppy eye” trend often seen in Korean makeup, lightly line your lower lash line with the same brown pencil liner, connecting it to the upper liner at the outer corner. This creates a rounder, more youthful appearance.

For added charm, incorporate the Aegyo Sal makeup technique by applying a touch of concealer above your lower eye bags. This creates more prominence, making your eyes appear cuter and more vibrant when you smile.

Finally, complete the look with two coats of your favorite volumizing mascara. Be sure to wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes to create extra volume and separation.

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Best Eyeliners

Waterproof Pen Liquid Eye Liner

✅ Stays without smudging

✅ Gives a sharp look

✅ Very long-lasting

❌ May be a little bit more expensive than other products

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The key to a flawless eye Korean makeup look is high-quality eyeliner. Here are my top picks:

  1. Etude House Oh M’Eye Line: This popular liquid eyeliner is known for its smooth application and long-lasting formula, making it easy to create sharp lines and cat-eyes.
  2. CLIO Kill Black Pen Liner: A favorite among K-beauty fans, this pen liner provides precise lines and smudge-free wear all day long.

Pro tip: When applying eyeliner, gently pull the skin at the outer corner of your eye for a smoother and more defined line.

Top Eyeshadow Palettes

Best Budget Option
Neutral Eyeshadow Makeup Palette
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A versatile eyeshadow palette is essential for creating various eye makeup looks. Check out these highly-rated selections:

  1. Unleashia Glitterpedia Eye Shadow Palette: This show-stopping palette offers a mix of glittery and shimmery shades, perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your eye Korean makeup look.
  2. Etude House Play Color Eyes Shadow Palette: Boasting a wide range of colors and finishes, this versatile palette easily transforms from day to night looks.

Must-Have Mascara

All Time Favorite
L’Oréal Paris Eye Washable Mascara

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✅ Separates Each Lash

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Complete your eye makeup with a mascara that will make your lashes look naturally long and defined:

  1. CLIO Kill Lash Superproof Mascara: With its thin brush and waterproof formula, this mascara is perfect for coating each lash and providing a clump-free finish.
  2. ILIA – Limitless Lash Mascara: This smudge-proof and long-lasting mascara delivers voluminous, curled lashes that will withstand the test of time.

Tips and Tricks For an Authentic Eye Korean Makeup Look

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First off, I always ensure my skin is prepped and moisturized before applying makeup. Trust me, it makes a huge difference in creating a smooth base for the eye makeup.

Next, remember this golden rule: Less is more. Keeping the colors to a minimum allows the eyes to look brighter and younger. Choose neutral shades that won’t overpower your face.

Here are my go-to steps:

  1. Eyeshadow: Apply a light beige or brown color over the eyelid for a natural effect.
  2. Eyeliner: Line the eyes with brown eyeliner, extending it slightly upwards for a subtle lift.
  3. Aegyo-sal: Enhance the cute under-eye area by applying a shimmery shade.
  4. Mascara: Opt for a lengthening and separating mascara to keep the eyes looking soft and fresh.

Pro Tip: When applying eyeliner, it’s helpful to use both a brown pencil liner and a brown liquid liner. Start by outlining your eyes with the pencil and then fill it in with the liquid liner for precision and lasting power.

Maintaining Your Eye Korean Makeup Look

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Skincare plays a crucial role in maintaining your eye Korean makeup look. Start by choosing an eye cream that not only hydrates but also improves the elasticity of the skin.

Use a pea-sized amount with your ring finger along the orbital bone, where you want your makeup to stay smooth.

Regularly using sunscreen is also vital for the delicate skin around your eyes. This will not only prevent premature aging due to sun exposure but will also keep your makeup from fading. I recommend an SPF of at least 30.


Occasional touchups throughout the day help maintain that polished eye Korean makeup look. Here are some essentials I recommend to keep in your bag for quick fixes:

  1. Eyeliner – to clean up any smudges
  2. Eyeshadow – for refreshing the color and blend
  3. Blotting paper – to gently remove any excess oil without ruining your makeup
  4. Q-tips – for precise corrections

Removal Process

At the end of the day, it’s important to remove your eye Korean makeup thoroughly to prevent any potential irritation and let your skin breathe. I use a gentle eye makeup remover or micellar water on a cotton pad, gently swiping it over the eyes.

Afterward, cleanse the entire face with a suitable cleanser, followed by a toner and moisturizer to maintain healthy skin. This not only helps maintain that beautiful eye Korean makeup look but also keeps your skin in tip-top shape!

Eye Korean Makeup Look: The Essentials

Eye Korean Makeup Look
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To begin creating the perfect eye Korean makeup look, it’s important to gather the right tools and products. Key items include an eyeshadow palette with neutral colors, an eyelash curler, mascara, eyeliner, and brushes for blending.

I recommend using an eyelash curler to achieve long and separated lashes, which are a staple in Korean makeup.

Now, let’s dive into the essential steps for this eye makeup look:

  1. Prep your eyes: Start with a clean and moisturized eye area.
  2. Apply eyeshadow: Opt for soft, neutral colors to give your eyes a subtle, youthful appearance. You can follow this eyeshadow tutorial for guidance.
  3. Add eyeliner: Apply a thin line using a flawless Korean eyeliner technique to make your eyes look bigger.
  4. Curl your eyelashes: Use an eyelash curler for a wide-eyed effect.
  5. Apply mascara: Choose a lengthening mascara for long, separated lashes.
  6. Create aegyo-sal: A popular Korean trend, aegyo-sal is the process of emphasizing the small pockets of fat under the eyes to give a youthful appearance. You can achieve this with shadow and a little highlighter.
  7. Finish with eyebrow makeup: Go for natural-looking soft straight brows with hair strokes.

By following these steps, you can achieve a natural and beautiful eye Korean makeup look that enhances your best features. Remember, the key to success is embracing simplicity and emphasizing your eyes’ natural beauty.


What is the difference between Korean and American makeup?

Korean makeup often favors a natural, dewy look with emphasis on large, expressive eyes and gradient lips. American makeup trends vary widely, from bold lips and defined eyes to a matte complexion. Both reflect cultural aesthetics and lifestyle influences.

How to make eyes look like Korean?

Create Korean-style eyes with natural eyeshadows, eyeliner near the lash line, and a subtle under-eye bag (aegyo sal). Enhance with soft, gradient lip colors and natural-looking lashes. Adapt techniques to individual features for a personalized look.

What is the Korean makeup trend under the eyes?

The Korean makeup trend under the eyes often includes creating aegyo sal, a subtle under-eye bag, using makeup techniques. This enhances the eyes, giving a cute and youthful appearance. Gradient eyeshadows and minimal lower lash eyeliner are common to achieve this look.

Which country is number one in makeup?

China, the US, Japan, Germany, and South Korea emerged as the leading forces in the global retail cosmetics and toiletries segment. In 2021, together they held a substantial 60% share of the market, showcasing their significant influence and contributions to the industry’s size and trends

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